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After 2 Years Crusing On A U.S. Coast Guard Cutter, I Nonetheless Love Going To Sea On Cruise Ships

I like going to sea. No, I like going to sea! 

Although I sailed over a lot of the Pacific Ocean in years passed by, I nonetheless get excited each time I get underway on a cruise ship. Fairly the journey. Consider the quick story Youth, by Joseph Conrad.

Though now retired, my emotions on crusing the oceans haven’t modified since my time within the U.S. Coast Guard, after I was stationed on the USCGC Mellon — then a newly commissioned, high-performance, jet turbine–powered cutter — for two years. At the moment, I ship out on bigger, slower, however vastly extra snug cruise ships. Completely different ships however comparable sense of exhilaration.

“I loved being at sea then, and I get pleasure from it now for a similar causes: alternatives to expertise the wonders, energy, and fantastic thing about the ocean, and to go to areas of the world.”
(Photograph Credit score: John Edwards)

Then And Now

After I cruise now, I like visiting locations new and unknown. Voyages of journey. As an enlisted Radioman communicator on a navy ship, my job was to ship and obtain Morse Code, voice, and radioteletype transmissions from ships and stations throughout the seas. I went the place the ship was ordered. However I loved being at sea then, and I get pleasure from it now for a similar causes: alternatives to expertise the wonders, energy, and fantastic thing about the ocean, and to go to areas of the world.

As I record the explanations I’ve fallen in love with the ocean, I’ll attempt to talk this pleasure to you. Please perceive that these recollections and observations are being filtered by the lens of an older man wanting again to what his youthful self noticed and felt as an 18-year-old. As we all know, the lenses of our eyes change over time, changing into tougher, much less versatile, and generally extra cloudy. The identical could possibly be true right here… however my instances crusing on cruise ships since retirement maintain true to what I keep in mind from again within the day. I beloved cruising then, and I like it now.

U.S. Coast Guard members relaxing aboard the USCGC Mellon.
Coasties cruising on the USCGC Mellon
(Photograph Credit score: John Edwards)

1. The Expertise Of Being At Sea

Being on a ship, touring by an ocean or sea, is thrilling. A person within the components.

At instances it might be uncomfortable. Sea or movement illness is at all times a risk, particularly for the uninitiated. That is true even on the bigger, luxurious cruise ships of right this moment. However the pleasure of being at sea, removed from land, can’t be denied. In good instances, one feels mushy winds, heat solar, and rhythmic vibrations of the ship because it steams by gentle seas. Tough instances are one other matter. Even on massive ships, cruising on heavy seas might be uncomfortable. Dramatic. It may be horrifying when the bow plunges underwater in a big wave or white water is thrown onto the bridge in notably tough climate, or when a big wave unexpectedly hits broadside and the ship heels far to 1 aspect or the opposite. Luckily, these are uncommon occurrences.

What amazed me when transiting the Pacific was the vastness of the ocean. That, together with the endless waves, the at all times distant horizons, the ever-changing clouds, the stunningly colourful sunsets, and the sensible, star-studded sky, tugged on my feelings. 

Then there have been the fish and fowl. They nearly felt like a part of the crew. Porpoises and flying fish in massive pods appeared to race us, again and again. And the albatrosses following the ship glided so gracefully up, over, down, and again up the waves, by no means touching the water. All stunning. All nice leisure. All a part of the magnificence of touring the ocean.

USCGC Mellon arriving at Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong.
The USCGC Mellon arriving at Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong
(Photograph Credit score: John Edwards)

2. Views, Ports, And Prospects

I used to be equally excited by the chances of what lay over the horizon. At the moment, that thrill retains me coming again to cruising. In fact, I may fly, however flying is a lot much less satisfying. Since I not have official communication tasks, I spend plenty of my time at sea on my veranda or within the ship’s ahead statement lounge or on a stern deck, watching the ocean go by and desirous about the place we’re headed and planning what I’ll do once we arrive. Contemplative, sure. Boring, no. Enjoyable, completely!

Whereas within the U.S. Coast Guard, I visited San Diego, Honolulu, Pearl Harbor, Halfway Island. Guam, Da Nang, Singapore, Hong Kong. Manila, Bangkok, Kaohsiung. As soon as, we almost steamed into Cambodian waters to tow a hijacked, totally loaded munitions ship again into open water. Luckily, we obtained countermanding orders earlier than we may try the rescue. 

To make sure, some visits have been extra memorable than others, however steaming towards all ports aroused a way of anticipation. Coming into new ports of name is a rare expertise. 

I had a tremendous seat. My job when getting into a port was on the bridge (the principle command heart of the vessel), relaying navigational bearings from my navigation shipmates on both aspect of the ship to the navigator, who steered the ship safely into the harbor. The vistas from the bridge whereas getting into the harbor are spectacular. If you’re ever on a ship getting into a port and are curious, climb to the best deck potential. It would present the perfect views out there of the harbor, the port of name, and the encompassing areas. Fantastic to behold. This is a chance that ought to by no means be missed.

Keep in mind: Regardless of which port of name you arrive in, there will probably be new, attention-grabbing, and enjoyable issues to see, do, and expertise, new tradition to embrace, new meals to pattern, and new folks to satisfy.

USCGC Mellon.
“The ship alternately climbed the peaks of the waves after which fell into the troughs, generally fully submerging the bow earlier than recovering and repeating the sample.”
(Photograph Credit score: PA1 Keith Alholm / USCG)

3. Stormy Tales

9 months later, after altering course close to Taiwan to keep away from a hurricane, we have been on a winter Ocean Station Victor patrol within the North Pacific. Cruising an space of 10 miles sq., about midway between Tokyo and Halfway Island, taking climate and oceanographic readings, offering positioning coordinates to business airplanes passing overhead, and standing by for search-and-rescue and help operations as required. 

Then a storm hit. 

Wind velocity elevated, moaned, howled, then roared. Waves grew, some towering 40 toes or extra. We have been tossed about like a cork. The ship steered instantly and slowly into the waves to keep up headway and stability. However there was nowhere to run. And nowhere to cover. The ship alternately climbed the peaks of the waves after which fell into the troughs, generally fully submerging the bow earlier than recovering and repeating the sample. The bridge was often inundated with white water from the darkish, monstrous seas. 

Our ship, Mellon, healed severely to port and starboard (left and proper), at one level to over 45 levels following a wave hitting broadside. The capsizing level was not a lot additional. However the ship steadied up and recovered, then and each different time. 

To stroll down a hall in that storm, one foot needed to be positioned on the deck and one on the bulkhead — that was the brand new horizontal. Arms on the prepared for stability. Within the radio room, I needed to strap right into a harness to stay safely at my obligation station. A part of my job was to hear for SOS misery messages from throughout the Pacific Ocean on an emergency Morse code frequency. And I dutifully did. 

Perhaps that night time I ought to have despatched a misery message of my very own. A bit alarming then. Memorable now. And whereas a lot rarer right this moment on account of ship design enhancements, vastly superior climate forecasting, and extra correct navigation and routing techniques, ships nonetheless encounter storms at sea each day.

Albatross, or goonie bird, on Midway Atoll.
“They’re clumsy, ungainly, and after they land they invariably tumble, stumble, and fall head over heels.”
(Photograph Credit score: Mark Sully / Shutterstock.com)

4. The Goonies And Extra 

A subsequent go to to Halfway Atoll was memorable, too. Halfway was sparsely inhabited, so far as I may see. I used to be too younger, too uneducated on the time to understand the historic significance this island performed throughout World Struggle II. I used to be even much less conscious of occasions there than had occurred at Pearl Harbor. 

What I do keep in mind is sensible sunshine, a turquoise sea, flat, featureless land, bushes and scrub bushes, a number of one- and two-story navy buildings, an airplane runway, white sandy seashores, and hundreds of gooney birds. 

Keep in mind the swish albatrosses skimming the oceans? Goonies are one and the identical. Black-footed and Laysan albatrosses. Precisely the identical birds, however on land, they’re clumsy, ungainly, and after they land they invariably tumble, stumble, and fall head over heels. It’s mentioned that if you happen to place a golf ball on the bottom, certainly one of these birds will invariably sit and attempt to hatch it. 

My go to to Halfway is a fond and lasting reminiscence, made potential as a result of I used to be crusing the Pacific. Halfway Island (now known as Halfway Atoll) is presently closed to guests. Up to now, it has been open for sure academic or scientific functions. Hopefully, it will likely be once more sooner or later. And if you will get there sometime, achieve this. If by sea, all the higher.

The goonies, flying fish, and porpoises have been the animal highlights of my Coast Guard crusing days. Entertaining and enthralling. The ocean animals seen on my business cruises in Pacific and Atlantic waters have been completely different: bigger and extra awe inspiring. Beluga and minke whales in waters of the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park, humpback whales in Glacier Bay, and orcas within the Salish Sea between Victoria, British Columbia, and Washington State. 

Orcas seen from a modern cruise ship.
Orcas seen from a contemporary cruise ship
(Photograph Credit score: John Edwards)

All have been magnificent to observe, however the orcas have been particular; shifting in pods, organized, and predatory. Truly considerably alarming. Glad I noticed them. Glad I used to be on a ship.

It’s A Wrap

Time at sea — actually at sea, removed from land for days on finish — is a magical and, at instances, mystical expertise. Visiting ports of name was and stays an anticipatory expertise. On a cruise ship, the ocean time may also be a lull on, and therapeutic massage for, the senses. A interval of reset and rejuvenation. The rhythm, hum, and vibrations of the engines are a comforting fixed. The each day routines are too. They may embody breakfast, train, lunch, lectures, lounging, studying, dinner, and night leisure. And, after all, an Outdated Usual on the fantail. 

Whereas R&R on a navy ship will not be the norm, the time spent might be equally magical. Time with shipmates, constructing friendships, studying, sharing, and rising collectively are bonding experiences to be, if not cherished, at the least appreciated for a lifetime. 

If I had a alternative, I’d take an ocean voyage on a cruise ship over a navy one, any day. But when my choice was a navy ship or nothing, I’d enthusiastically report aboard. Being at sea is that particular. 

Professional Ideas: Maximizing Your Time At Sea

  1. Most cruises not often roam removed from land. I like them, however in order for you an genuine seagoing expertise, e book a transoceanic voyage the place you can be away from land for days at a time. 
  2. When you take any cruise, take time to soak within the ocean setting. Go exterior, stand on the railing for some time, and really feel the wind and sea spray whip in opposition to your physique. Scan the water, the sky, and the horizon (there may be drama in every), and sense the virtually natural motion of the ship crusing by the water. Magical!
  3. If I’ve discovered something from my days at sea, it’s that the ocean calls for respect. It could actually and can toy with you. However if you’re good, wise, curious, and abide by the instructions of the ship’s crew, you’ll have the time of your life.
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