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Harmful Portuguese Man O’ Warfare Displaying Up On Florida And South Carolina Seashores

A brand new hazard is washing ashore at some East Coast seashores. Portuguese man-o-wars are popping up and may trigger points — even after they’re lifeless.

Seashore Hazard

Proper now, purple flags are flying over some Florida and South Carolina seashores, warning beachgoers of harmful marine life within the space. That’s after quite a few stories of Portuguese man-o-wars within the water and washing ashore. And whereas a sting from this jellyfish-like creature gained’t kill you, scientists warn that it is going to be very painful and itchy.

A Portuguese man-o-war appears to be like like a balloon. They’re fairly to take a look at as a result of they’re shiny and might be blue, violet, or pink, however specialists say they’re among the most poisonous animals on this planet, with venomous tentacles reaching as much as 165 ft. The poisonous cells may even fireplace even after they’re lifeless, that means should you see one — lifeless or alive — don’t go close to it!

Portuguese man-o-wars can’t transfer themselves and rely closely on water currents to maneuver round. Scientists say they’re current in each ocean however choose tropical and subtropical waters. And should you see one, there are probably many extra close by. Consultants say Portuguese man-o-wars typically journey in teams of as much as 1,000 or extra. 

What To Do If You Get Stung

When you do get stung by a Portuguese man-o-war, keep in mind stings are very not often deadly to people. Attempt to get the eye of a lifeguard immediately. Additionally, attempt pouring vinegar on the affected space to neutralize the venom. Watch out to not contact the sting; as an alternative, use one thing to scrape off any cells that will nonetheless be in your pores and skin. Scorching water may also assist kill any cells that haven’t fired but, so attempt soaking the affected space. If the itching bothers you, attempt an antihistamine. It might even be a good suggestion to go to a physician to get it checked out, simply in case.

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